This page is retired and no longer updated. Project documentation and download links are moved to their new home: PowerShell PKI Module.

Start guide:

Run Windows PowerShell and type the following command:

Import-Module PSPKI

After this you can explore available commands:

Get-Command -Module PSPKI

Getting some help

If you don’t know how to use certain command and/or get help about certain parameters, examples you may run the following command:

# retrieve basic help
Get-Help CommandName
# retrieve detailed and full help content
Get-Help CommandName –Detailed
Get-Help CommandName –Full
# see help online:
Get-Help CommandName -Online
# retrieve help for particular parameter:
Get-Help CommandName –Parameter ParameterName
# retrieve command usage examples:
Get-Help CommandName –Examples 

Useful tricks

Certain commands display only subset of predefined properties (like Get-CertificationAuthority). To show all of them use “Format-List *” command as follows:

Get-CertificationAuthority | Format-List *

Certain objects contains multiple values and aren’t fully shown (for example, Get-PolicyModuleFlag). To expand particular property use Select-Object command as follows:

Get-CertificationAuthority -Name MyCA | Get-PolicyModuleFlag | Select -ExpandProperty Flags

Even if you think that commands are too long for typing don’t forget about PowerShell command tab completion. You can type a part of command name and press tab button (for example Get-Ce<tab>). The same works for parameters (Get-Ce<tab> -N<tab>).

Module removal

If you wish to remove module from current PowerShell session run the following command:

Remove-Module PSPKI

However this command just unload module from a current session. You may re-load it by using Import-Module command.
To completely remove module from the system, uninstall installation package.

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