This page is retired and no longer updated. Project documentation and download links are moved to their new home: PowerShell PKI Module.

Project Roadmap

This page contains a roadmap for the PowerShell PKI module project. Roadmap items are placed in a no paticular order.


Underlying C# library (PKI.Core.dll)

ASN.1 type system

  • [Complete] Move ASN.1 to a separate assembly. It shall be a standalone assembly to work with primitive ASN.1 types;
  • Create a separate class for each ASN.1 primitive type;
  • Possibly deprecate a bunch of static methods in favor of new classes. Or move them to a separate class;
  • Remove all unmanaged code from ASN.1 assembly;
  • Create ASN.1 tree generator;

Cryptography class extensions:

  • [PartiallyComplete] Replace unmanaged decoders for CRL, CTL with managed implementations;
  • Provide certificate request generation functions;
  • Provide Certificate Trust List generation functions;
  • [Complete] Provide Certificate Revocation List generation functions;
  • [Complete] Add certificate store-attached property support;


  • Implement OCSPv2 (as per RFC6960) client support;

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