Uzair 18.09.2011 11:28 (GMT+2) The case of SSTP VPN with public certificate and error 0x80092013

Hi Vadim, Thanks for the great post, it helped me confirm I am not alone facing the problem. So is there any work around this problem in your knowledge? I also sent you an email, kindly if you respond, thanks, Uzair

Vadims Podans
Vadims Podans 25.08.2011 20:17 (GMT+2) Certificate Enrollment for System Center Operations Manager Agent

if you need to create a request on non-domain machine and that request will be submitted to Enterprise CA you need to confirm error message and proceed. This is expected behavior.

Kojo 25.08.2011 05:10 (GMT+2) Certificate Enrollment for System Center Operations Manager Agent

Hi, I need to request a certificate for computer which is not a domain member. Certificate is needed for L2TP VPN. When I run certreq -new based on inf file, i got an error that template is not found.(Template not found. Do you wish to continue anyway?) Where should I run "certreq -new req.inf req.req"? On issuing CA or nonDomain computer? I've used "Prepare certificate request template" and "Create a request file to use with an Enterprise CA" from SCENARIO 2. I have two tier PKI (Offline ROOT CA and Enterprise Issuing subordinate CA). Tnx

RandyFranklinSmith 01.08.2011 10:01 (GMT+2) How Applocker rules are rpocessed

Awesome post and flow chart - thanks!

Andy Arismendi
Andy Arismendi 03.07.2011 12:51 (GMT+2) How to add FQDN to HP iLO request

After a bit more experimentation I was able to get it using this: $ip = [Convert]::ToBase64String(([System.Net.IPAddress] "").GetAddressBytes()) (New-Object -ComObject X509Enrollment.CAlternativeName).InitializeFromRawData(8, 0x1, $ip) -Andy Arismendi